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School Closure - Snow Procedures


In the event of adverse weather, a decision to close the school will be made by the senior staff by 7.45am. Information will be posted here, on our website, on our Twitter feed PLUS a text message will be sent to all Primary and Secondary Guardians.

The likelihood is that we will open unless main roads are badly affected and we are too short staffed to open safely as a result of teachers unable to get into school.

Please note that the County Council no longer provides a facility to notify about school closures.

Obviously we will action the above as soon as possible. However, please be patient, as we know from previous experience that there can be a delay due to the numbers of people visiting websites at the same time.

We do liaise with other local schools on closures but there may be times when they remain open or vice versa, so please check with US directly to avoid confusion.

If our school was to stay open, we would want the children to be able to have some fun in the snow! Please send children in with warm, waterproof clothing, hat, gloves, etc. and ideally a change of footwear so that we can – if it is the right type of snow – have fun out in it. Children will not be allowed outside unless they have appropriate clothing/footwear.

Extra-curricular Clubs: If we have snow or icy conditions outside, many of our outdoor clubs will most likely not run outside. We will hold the children until the end of the normal club finishing time but please feel free to collect them earlier if you wish. We will text information about which classroom children are to be collected from.

We will only close in extreme circumstances when opening the school would compromise the safety of the children and staff.