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The Hawksmoor Learning Trust

The Hawksmoor Learning Trust


Who we are

Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School converted to an academy in 2011, inspired by the opportunity to take the lead in its own destiny and maximise benefits from the new academy freedoms. It is a forward thinking school which has earned a strong reputation for high academic success, excellence in the arts and a wide variety of sporting achievement.  In 2015, it was approved as a sponsor school by the Department for Education.  In 2016, a tender application to open the new school at Radstone Fields in Brackley was successful, with a target opening date of September 2018. The multi-academy Hawksmoor Learning Trust was officially formed in December 2016.

What we are about

The Hawksmoor Learning Trust is inspired by the privilege, moral responsibility and challenge of preparing our children for real life ahead of them in an unpredictable, ever changing world. We know that great schools make a difference: we strive for academic, artistic and athletic excellence in our schools but also recognise that the best education is as much about developing young people’s character strengths and virtues. We have the highest aspirations for every individual as they learn and grow with us.  We value respect and consideration for others, equal opportunities, hard work and fair discipline.  We seek to develop skillful, curious and independent learners; foster individual resilience, confidence, and a strong sense of identity underpinned by integrity and responsibility, so that they are prepared to contribute positively to the communities and world that they belong to.

The three principles of The Hawksmoor Learning Trust are:

  • Quality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Partnership

These principles will guide The Hawksmoor Learning Trust in providing an education of the highest quality. These principles demand that we think and act in highly constructive ways towards each other as colleagues, towards the children who are placed in our care and towards the parents in our schools and communities.

We strive for our individual and collective best to achieve excellence for all. We promote a ‘can do’ attitude towards continuous improvements and innovation and a culture of strong collaboration and teamwork so that we are always much greater than the sum of our parts.  We have high ambitions that The Hawksmoor Learning Trust is recognised as a centre of excellent educational practice and a source of motivation and pride for our Trust community.