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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) at The Radstone


Here at the Radstone Primary School, French is taught throughout KS2. Our children enjoy lessons based around the Kapow scheme which is an exciting, innovative course covering topics that really appeal such as describing monsters, space exploration, famous pieces of artwork and sports. The Kapow scheme is underpinned by the National Curriculum objectives but goes further as we really hone the children’s ‘language detective’ skills, allowing them to independently apply the language that they have learnt, making links across different topic areas. Lessons are well-paced, providing a range of different learning opportunities and focus on all four skills (writing, speaking, listening and reading) in independent, pair and group activities. Lessons are taught by subject specialists using authentic resources and while the children have one set French lesson a week, there are also opportunities for pockets of learning elsewhere in the timetable which really helps to reinforce the language they are learning. Our aim is to produce engaged, confident language learners by the end of Year 6 and for children to leave us with a solid understanding of the vocabulary and grammar we have covered through our topic-based work, ready to continue their language learning journeys at secondary school.