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The Hawksmoor Learning Trust:

The Radstone Primary School is part of The Hawksmoor Learning Trust. Please see the Trust's link on the main school webpage under the THLT tab for more details on Trust Governance.



The Governing Body (Academy Trustees and Directors)

The Governing Body are appointed under the terms of Hawskmoor Learning Trust articles of association.

The term of office for governors is 4 years and 2 years for staff governors.

Governors are responsible for setting general policy, adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the Academy, making major decisions about the direction of the school and senior staff appointments. The Governing Body are responsible for monitoring the performance of the children and the senior staff, and challenging the senior staff to continue to make excellent progress in all areas. The Governing Body are owners of the school building and grounds and are responsible for ensuring that they are kept in good order. The full Governing Body meets twice a term, and sub-committee meetings are held for Finance, Audit, Remuneration and Appointments.

The Governors have implemented a number of systems to assess risks, especially in the operational areas (e.g. teaching and learning, health, safety welfare and school trips) plus control of finance. They have introduced systems including operational procedures (e.g. vetting of new staff and visitors) and internal financial controls in order to minimise risk.