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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

'Be the best you can be.'

We are so very excited that we have our very first Year 6 this year! Some of us have been here since the start of the school, and others have joined a little later, but we are all proud to be the first representatives of The Radstone, showcasing our learning, our attitudes and our teamwork to all, showing that all at The Radstone strive to 'be the best you can be'.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, we have a lot going on before the end of the year. Year 6's will learn about many interesting topics this year across the broad range of our curriculum subjects, and have exciting opportunities to look forward to. Here are a flavour of a few: 

Some Key Information about Year 6



In Humanities, we will be learning about 20th century conflict, including a study of World War II and the part that Bletchley Park played in winning the war (including a visit to Bletchley Park to see the Enigma coding machine for ourselves) and we will study William Shakespeare. 


We will learn elements of physical geography such as mountains and elements of human Geography such as population.  We will learn more about Sikhism within Britain and look at Humanism at the end of the year.


We will continue to learn Art with Mrs Fulford.  Some of this will be linked to our topics (for example we start the year with art based around the rainforest, linking to our first class novel “The Explorer” by Katherine Rundell.)


In Music, some of our lessons will be with Ms Wickham, our specialist music teacher and continue to explore a range of styles such as jazz. 


We will be many different elements within Science, including light, electricity, classification and evolution and inheritance. 


We will also look ahead to SATs, making sure children are all prepared while not feeling pressured, and then look forward to our residential shortly afterwards. 


Throughout the year, we will continue to take part in whole school events and performances, such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter, and taking part in a range of after school clubs, sports fixtures and activities and other extra-curricular opportunities.

 At home, we encourage all students to read regularly, to themselves and with adults, and to listen to stories read to them.  We encourage regular practice of personal spellings and suggest all pupils engage in the termly class challenges set in the newsletters.


We look forward to sharing much of our exciting year with parents and carers through our Class Dojo app…please follow us if you can!


Year 6 are taught by Mrs Rebecca Hughes and Mrs Bethan Fanthorpe. They are supported by Mrs Cathy Evans (TA) and Mrs Danielle Herbert (TA).